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Meals on Wheels

Looking for Meals on Wheels in Harrogate? You've come to the right place. We've been delivering hot, delicious, freshly cooked meals to elderly residents of Harrogate for more than a decade, and we'd love to deliver to you.  To order, call 01423 888 083.

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How it Works

All our Meals on Wheels are prepared from fresh ingredients in our kitchen in Harrogate. Our catering team are dedicated to creating a variety of nutritious and filling meals.

Our ordering system is very simple and easy to set up.

  1. Enquire via emailing or phoning 01423 888 083.
  2. We will send out 2 menus, our info sheet and a contract via email or post, which explains how it all works.
  3. Once we receive the menu and signed contract back, we can start delivering meals in a few days!

If you want to know more or have any questions, just call, send us an email, or contact us below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Diet and nutrition are very important at any age, and in later years it’s even more important to eat well. Many older people become unable to prepare hot meals for themselves and this can have an adverse effect on their health. Our hot meal delivery service means that older people have a fresh, hot meal every day. We also use seasonal menus to make sure our customers enjoy variety and the best food we can offer.


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Just fill out this form to register your interest in having Meals on Wheels delivered

Our service

We established our Meals on Wheels service in 2012 when the closure of the council-run meals on wheels service left a real gap. We knew there was a huge local demand, and we wanted to respond accordingly.
Starting small, our service has grown and our team of dedicated volunteers now deliver over 100 homemade meals every day.

We say that our Meals on Wheels service is More Than Just a Meal. This is because we help to tackle isolation, depression and loneliness, which are extremely common for older people. Our volunteers provide much needed social contact. They are also trained to spot potential safety hazards and check on our clients’ well-being. Any concerns can then be mentioned to family members or the relevant health professionals.

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Takeaway and Delivery

Our delicious sweet treats from The Baking Station are available for takeaway or delivery. If you have a family member, neighbour or friend who would benefit from a delicious treat, or if you are sending a gift for a special occasion, you can contact us and enquire about our Baking Station service.

Our talented Baking Station team is here to provide moments of indulgent food fun and dietary decadence. Why not consider a box of Homemade Macaroons and our very own Special Moments afternoon tea boxes full of tantalising delights?

You can call us with your order on 01423 888 083 and make your payment over the phone. (Online payments coming soon)

Volunteer with us

There is a constant demand on all our services, and we work hard to ensure that our standards never drop. We are a not-for-profit organisation, and don’t have huge financial reserves. So, we rely heavily on the generosity and support of the local community. You can help us continue making a difference volunteering your time to our Meals on Wheels service.

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